Bollards & Light Poles

Struggling with Faded Bollards?

Trust us for professional bollard painting in North Chelmsford & Waltham, MA

If the paint on your bollards is beginning to fade, you might not think it's a big deal. However, this can have a serious impact on your parking lot's safety and visibility.

Asphalt Line Striping Services LLC in North Chelmsford and Waltham, MA can take care of the paint job on your bollards. Our bollard painting services can repaint every bollard in your lot. That way, it's easy for drivers to see them, keeping pedestrians safe.

If your bollards have seen better days, then schedule a bollard painting service with us today.

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Brighten up your light poles

In addition to painting your lot's bollards, we can also provide light pole painting services. These services both go hand in hand with one another.

Having both your light poles and your bollards repainted can help with:

  • Improving your parking lot's safety
  • Making it easier for drivers to navigate your lot
  • Boosting the visibility in your lot, especially at night

When the paint on your light poles starts to chip, contact us to get light pole painting services.